Sometimes looking at the news and reading newspapers is not always the best way to spend your time.  I use to look at the news while I was getting myself together for work in the morning. The news was always full of who got killed the night before, or what world leader got caught up in something illegal.  So you leave for work already with an attitude of what is wrong with this world.  So I took on a challenge to stop watching the morning news, reading newspapers, and stop watching the evening news for 30 days.  Instead I would wake up read a verse from the bible and if I needed some background noise I would listen to a favorite gospel radio station.  The difference in my mood leaving out for work was amazing.  I actually left out with a smile on my face and full of excitement for whatever the day may bring.  I also discovered that my attitude was catching when I offered a smile and a good morning to everyone I met on way the way to work.  So I know that if everyone made a small change in their daily routine and started out with positive attitudes and thoughts it would be the first step in making the world a better place.

Pay it forward.